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Tag: Spring

  1. Spring 3, REST and transactions

    Today I had difficulties to get transactions with a REST service ie. spring mvc working. The problem was that no persitence call on the entitymanager resulted in a phyical saved entity in the database. My DAO classes were marked with @Repository and @Transactional Annotations. I was confused because the same…

    Spring, REST, Transactions

  2. spring-webmvc, hibernate jpa and lazy loading

    Hi again, another thing I found while using spring and other web technologies: When you try to display entities which are connected to other entities in a web view you should consider to use eager loading fetch strategies. If you want to fetch depending entities lazy you most probably will…

    Spring, WebMVC, JPA, Hibernate

  3. mySQL and spring-security 3

    Hi, I just stumbled over a mySQL feature when developing on Windows and deploying on Linux. Be aware of the fact that mySQL on Linux is case-sensitive! On Windows it is not! What I did: Wrote a jdbc query to get the authentication credentials for spring security: <authentication-manager alias…

    Spring, mySQL